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S&CD specializes in creating custom sales training programs to help organizations and the people within them sell more by creating sustainable behavior change that will ensure the company delivers it’s short and long term business goals and objectives. The way we do this is to instill a common sales language and selling framework supported by the appropriate skills for success.

S&CD offers a variety of transformative services. The starting point for many of our clients is our comprehensive assessment process. This process provides a benchmark so that we can develop a roadmap enabling each organization to move from Good to Great. From there we navigate to the most effective course of action using our menu of training programs and services. Our clients can choose from our menu of programs to meet their specific needs. Every program is then customized for each organization.

These programs are not theoretical and there are limited case studies—participants work on their own real life active deals. Facilitator works with the participants, providing coaching and feedback on their active deal. There are table exercises. There are pair practices. There are demonstrations with the Facilitator. There are group activities. Every S&CD Facilitator has a minimum of 20 years of executive selling experience and they have a minimum of 5 years facilitation experience. Finally, we believe in enjoying the experience. Every one of our programs is memorable and fun!


Engage in a comprehensive analysis of your organization, leveraging our innovative 360º Assessment process.

  • 360º Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Competency & Skill Model
  • Behavior Descriptor Grid
  • Roadmap


Apply our tools to deeply understand your customer’s business and monetize the value of your solutions.

  • Deeply Understand Customer’s Business | Marketplace | Competition
  • Quantify and Monetize Value
  • SMART Objectives
  • Stakeholder Management


Learn our unique 5 step selling process to efficiently prepare to be successful on every customer interaction.

  • 5 Step Persuasive Selling Model
  • Business Planning
  • Joint Business Planning
  • Power of Multifunctional Teams
  • Negotiations
  • Communications
  • Questioning
  • Handling Objections
  • Inside Sales
  • Sales Execution

Manage & Lead

Adopt coveted management and leadership skills including on the job coaching and strategic thinking.

  • Coaching Front Line Sales
  • Advanced Coaching (Managers of Managers)
  • Leading Multifunctional Teams
  • Strategy Development

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